Why this project?

Viananda is a compound word, meaning ``the way to a state of true and profound happiness``, which is derived from the Latin word ``Via`` (way, path, path) and ``Ananda`` (in Sanskrit state of true and profound happiness). The awareness that humanity is afflicted by deep distress is growing continuously. People are beginning to realize that this discomfort, while manifesting itself in the world, has its roots within the human being. There is a growing understanding that the only possibility for a collective change is a deep inner work, through the development of the consciousness and awareness of individuals. It is essential for the human being to be in the right conditions, to express his or her most enlightened part and not to manifest in its destructive aspects.


Narrative structure of the film

The plot unfolds along three different narrative lines: a didactic, an emotional and a meditative one. The first is composed of interviews, where the protagonists offer their input on the documentary's themes. The emotional line has a nonverbal character; we collaborated with an illustrator to create the animations and with artists from the dance field to create performances inspired by the themes touched upon by the interviewees. The third narrative line consists of images of nature and everyday life - an uninvolved look at the world - that give this part a purely observational character. We refer to it as the meditative line, since the images are not just a visual support for the interviews, but rather islands within the film - suspensions - with the task of allowing the viewer enough time to absorb the content conveyed by the protagonists.


What drives you to make this film?

We have reflected several times on what has driven us so profoundly towards the creation of this film, we believe it is a synergy of factors. An inner push led us to encounter and study the thoughts and research of the people we decided to interview. The desire to give our contribution in support of the creation of a better future, led use to make this film.


Why did you decide to make this film together?

We have known each other since we were children. We've grown up together not only as humans but also as creatives. We have shared different musical projects and discovered together photography, cinema and the visual arts. Now, we feel it is the right time to sublimate the whole journey taken together and the passions we have always shared.


The Impact

We want this film to have a tangible impact on people, giving a new perspective and innovative ideas for a more conscious future. We are confident that the documentary can offer something innovative compared to documentaries that touch on similar themes, because it offers a holistic view of current problems and possible solutions. We deeply believe in this vision. The Viananda project consists of the film and the homonymous book, which contains the complete interviews and various insights.