90' documentary - 2022 film by francesco garbo & gianmaria zago


Claudio Naranjo, José Mujica, Riane Eisler, Roberto Maria Sassone, Matthieu Ricard. and Pier Luigi Luisi A group of outstanding game changers, each from a different field of expertise and a different country, reflect on the current state of humanity, analysing the global issues we face today—addressing both their causes and possible remedies. They are all fighters who never accepted the status quo passively, instead proposing each their own different way. The enlightened education model created by Naranjo, Eisler’s idea of a caring economy putting the human being before profit, the way Mujica brought sobriety into politics and meditation as a way of awakening, are only examples of the themes touched by the film. Performers sublimate these visions to reinterpret them through their artistic language, creating a parallel, non-verbal and emotional narrative. Viananda is a film where documentary meets video art and where human beings and their search for a conscious change are at the heart of the discussion—something more greatly needed today than ever before. 

  1. shooting

    Naranjo, Sassone & Eisler

    Shooting the interviews with Claudio Naranjo in Barcelona (Spain), Roberto Maria Sassone in Milan (Italy) and Riane Eisler in Los Angeles (United States).

  2. pre production

    Sponsors and partners

    Looking for sponsorships and partnerships.

  3. shooting

    Li Kehua & Justine Berthillot

    Shooting the performances with Li Kehua and Justine Berthillot in France.

  4. shooting

    Ricard, Luisi & Mujica

    Shooting the interview with Matthieu Ricard in Paris (France), Pier Luigi Luisi in Rome (Italy) and José Mujica in Montevideo (Uruguay).

  5. shooting

    End of Shooting

    End of the shooting of the perfomative and the meditative lines.

  6. postproduction

    end of editing and postproduction

    End editing, color correction, sound design and the postproduction

  7. distribution

    Festivals & Cinemas

    Start presenting the film at festivals and launching the theatrical distribution.

  8. distribution

    Online distribution

    Launching the film on VOD platforms.


Francesco Garbo

Author & Film Director

Gianmaria Zago

Author & Film Director