Although this book is an in-depth study of the contents of the documentary film Viananda, it has a different narrative structure. Starting from the full interviews of the film’s protagonists, the author integrates from a systemic perspective the thoughts of a few other researchers, most notably Fritjof Capra and Noam Chomsky.

Being surrounded and composed of complex systems constantly interacting with each other, it obviously makes no sense to study the human being by isolating themselves from the global context. That is why the analysis proposed in the book concerns:

– the need for a shift from a mechanistic and reductionist view to a systemic and holistic one and the overcoming of patriarchy through an integrated intrapsychic and social model, in order to intervene on the primary cause of today’s evils;

– the functioning of the four levels that constitute the human being (body-emotions-psyche-consciousness) and the quest for a dynamic balance between them in relation to our environment, to create the basis for psychophysical well-being and to manifest ourselves with greater awareness, developing the ability to deeply question ourselves as individuals and as species;

– mindfulness, meditation and the spiritual path ( regardless of dogmatism and religions) as a way of awakening, for an improvement in human quality and as tools to develop the ability to connect and value ourselves, others and life, to feel part of a whole;

– psychotherapy and work on the ego, our character structure, for human beings less caught up in their own delusions and psychic, emotional and behavioral scripts, as well as training in what will be defined as essential virtues;

– new educational methods for an education that proposes an integrated and systemic vision as a way to change, through new training for educators;

– an economic paradigm from a caring perspective, overcoming the hierarchical pyramidal mechanisms of past and current patriarchal systems of domination in favor of a partnership-based model;

– a conscious and integrated politics beyond ideologies, considering the role of the media and the ecological vision that sees human beings as part of a whole.

With simple and understandable language, the Viananda book is a 279-page long holistic journey with a clear intent: to awaken a genuine desire for a new world, now more necessary and possible than ever. Currently the book Viananda is available only in Italian.

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